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saturday slump

today i woke up and had some oat bran, almond milk, agave nectar, brown sugar mix-my new favorite breakfast. i didn’t sleep much last night. i have a lot on my mind. i did some yoga in hopes of clearing … Continue reading

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hump day date

Ian and I usually go out on Wednesday nights (at least this quarter) because I’m off Thursday and Fridays so it’s my Friday night! This week we went to a local BYOB chinese/japanese place- cjchan. Ian grew up on the … Continue reading

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stressed spelled backwards=desserts

not really sure why i decided to start a blog during one of the most stressful times of my life. first and foremost, family stress/dad’s health. on top of that, next week is my big case study for school where they … Continue reading

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monday is for the birds

oh what a long day! started off with a 5:30 wake up call and an hour and a half drive to cincinnati, after having to say goodbye to this face. thankfully i made these yummy nutella no bake cookies yesterday … Continue reading

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mexican fiesta

on today’s menu. kale chips ?! i’ve never made these, but i want to know what all the rave is about. and either pumpkin enchiladas ? (i’ll use black beans instead of kidney beans. kidney beans freak me out for … Continue reading

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staying home alone on a friday

                my plans for the evening are studying, baking, and a little wine. my life is so exciting. enjoy your friday.

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I love to cook with wine, sometimes I even put it in the food.

This is the saying that I live by : ) Last night I made a vegetarian version of a childhood favorite-homestyle chicken noodle soup. I tailored the recipe on the back of Reames frozen noodles. -12 oz reames homestyle egg … Continue reading

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the dog behind the name

Olive, my 8 month flat coat retriever was a surprise anniversary gift from my boyfriend. i had been begging him to get me a dog for years, but since we didn’t live in the same state for the first 2 … Continue reading

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i never met a chocolate i didn’t like

when i read the post on last night i felt the bar of chocolate i had just eaten was justified : ). not that i need an excuse to eat chocolate, ever, but did you know chocolate is made from … Continue reading

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whole foods splurge

since i can’t be with my valentine today (even though he gave me some beautiful earrings over the weekend!) -i decided to treat myself to some whole foods : ). first i got some pears….           … Continue reading

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