blueberry yum yum

no, sorry, this post isn’t about marijuana.

but who remembers ludacris’ song blueberry yum yum circa 2004?!

….anyways, i’m actually talking about yogi green tea blueberry slim life.

I’ve been wanting to try this forever. What’s better than organic green tea that energizes and suppresses appetite annnnd tastes like blueberries?! The blueberries aren’t overwhelming if you don’t like blueberries, but I happen to love blueberries. I’ve been getting sick lately from coffee, too much caffeine or something=dizziness and headaches, so tea it is!

I’ve had yogi tea before, and haven’t been disappointed. I think my favorite part is the little sayings that come on the tea bags. Today’s was “appreciate yourself and honor your soul”. I think I will try the stress relief tea next.

P.S. I love autosave! My computer just shut own automatically (my fault, battery was low and I didn’t plug it in in time) and this whole post would have been deleted!) woo hoo : )

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2 Responses to blueberry yum yum

  1. Katie says:

    First of all, I also LOVE autosave…it’s saved me re-typing my posts many, many times. My computer loves to crash/freeze/run out of battery whenever I’m about to post.

    Also, I’ve never tried yogi tea, but always see it at the grocery store. I’ll have to try that kind, it sound delicious!

  2. peacebeme says:

    I LOVE Yogi Tea! The flavors and the sayings (especially those 🙂 ).

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