Happy Valentine’s Day!

For Valentine’s day, I decided to make my dogs (Olive, Chloe, and Sophie) a special treat. Ian’s sister gave me an organic dog biscuit cookbook kit for christmas. Most of the recipes call for oat flour and brown rice flour since it’s not good to give dogs wheat, soy, and corn products. The kit came with 3 cookie cutter shapes-a bone, fire hydrant, and squirrel. The dogs love the treats and they are healthy and preservative free. They need to be kept in the fridge or freezer but my dogs usually eat them all up before they go bad.

I have made the “Banana B’oats” and the “Cheese, Please!” treats and they both turned out to be a hit. Yes, my dogs are spoiled.

Olive also gets non-fat plain yogurt mixed in with her food, sometimes bananas, peas, green beans and I want to try out pumpkin and peanut flour + water for a reduced cal peanut butter. Sometimes I think Olive eats better than me : ).

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