whole foods splurge

since i can’t be with my valentine today (even though he gave me some beautiful earrings over the weekend!) -i decided to treat myself to some whole foods : ).

first i got some pears….






then i thought what better to go with pears than some smoked gouda




(which will go perfectly with a glass of wine!)


then i went down the cereal aisle to get some almond milk and came across this!

three sisters dark chocolate instant oatmeal..yes please.

so that triggered my craving for dark chocolate and i went and grabbed a bar of swiss dark chocolate with almonds.


i also grabbed some yogi cherry almond crunch and some yogi stress relief tea (much needed).







i grabbed a spaghetti squash for tonight’s dinner-i could live off of spaghetti squash.

some field roast lentil sage for lunch tomorrow (i’m a vegetarian).







and last but not least…



Yum! Happy Valentine’s Day : )

Hope it’s fabulous.



P.S. all my pictures are from google images because i’m still without camera : /.

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2 Responses to whole foods splurge

  1. That chocolate oatmeal is pretty good! Left me with a sugar rush, but that’s OK. 🙂 And what’s up with that white chocolate peanut butter?! On a mission to find this, STAT.

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