the dog behind the name

Olive, my 8 month flat coat retriever was a surprise anniversary gift from my boyfriend. i had been begging him to get me a dog for years, but since we didn’t live in the same state for the first 2 years of our relationship, and still don’t live in the same city, i thought we wouldn’t actually get one until we lived together.

i am a big golden retriever lover-those are the dogs i grew up with. my parents still have a golden, chloe, who adores me : ) and i love her very much too.

chloe thinks she’s a person and sits on benches at the park.

i of course wanted to get a golden initially, but took a “what kind of dog would be perfect for you” type quiz and i got flat coat retriever. i had never heard of this breed before. i wanted a dog that would have personality, be a love muffin, and that would run with me (chloe used to run with me, but now hides when i put my running shoes on). ian was thrilled to find out about flat coat retrievers because he too loves chloe, but also wanted a more “unique” dog.

anyways. last august ian said he had a surprise for me and said we were going somewhere for the day and the only clue i had was that it was “northeast”. then he started hinting that we were going to the rock n roll hall of fame in cleveland. i was confused as to why he would take me there, because i am not a rock n roll kind of girl. i was pouty the whole car drive. 3 hours into the drive ian pulls into a church parking lot in the middle of nowhere and says, “this isn’t right, i think we’re lost”. then i started getting mad and kind of yelling at him that he didn’t plug the directions into the gps right. he told me he printed out directions and they were behind the seat. so i reached back behind the seat and there was a box wrapped up. a smile crept across my face as i read the note attached:


surprise! we’re not really going to the rock n roll hall of fame. i like to trick you. instead, you are getting an anniversary gift a little bit early.

open this for a clue towards figuring out what we are doing up here in medina, oh.

i love you so much!


….so i tore open the box and found a pink blanket, a pink collar, leash, kong, and a dog tag with the name “olive” engraved on it. the first thing i said was “what’s chloe gonna think?!” and then i burst into tears. i was a mix of emotions. i was afraid chloe would be jealous, i was completely surprised, and i was super excited about this puppy waiting for me!

i’ve had olive for about 5 months now- she is my furry child and i love her to death.

chloe tolerates loves her too.

olive likes to take chloe on walks : ).


sophie too.



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