monday is for the birds

oh what a long day! started off with a 5:30 wake up call and an hour and a half drive to cincinnati, after having to say goodbye to this face.

thankfully i made these yummy nutella no bake cookies yesterday so i could snack on them all day today! yum! i think they are really good and if you like nutella as much as i do you should make these : ). i pretend they are healthy because they have oats in them.

saturday night’s mexican fiesta involving healthy homemade recipes turned into a not so healthy mexican night out, oops.

however, sunday night, i did make the kale chips. i tore them into pieces, drizzled them with olive oil, sprinkled with salt and baked them for a little less than 20 minutes at 375.

they made the smoke detector go off.

at first, i was pleasantly surprised with the way they tasted. they were crunchy and salty. ian said he felt like he was a cow eating grass, but they were the first thing cleared from his plate so i think he liked them. what i didn’t like about them is that they kind of left a brussels sprout after taste in my mouth and they made the whole apartment stink (especially the next morning, gross- i bet the people next door loved it). i think maybe the key is to eat them while they are fresh out of the oven. they are worth trying, and they are a fairly inexpensive and healthy snack, but i don’t think i would make them all the time.


next i made butternut squash fries. ian did all the dirty work of cutting it up. he said next time we should just stick to sweet potato fries. i have to agree it is a lot of work, but i do love butternut squash!

and then finally, the main event. portobello burgers ! i got the idea from the yes, i want cake blog. i put a splash of soy sauce, a splash of ian’s brooklyn brown ale, and some garlic and basil seasoning. after baking, i put the burgers on everything ciabatta bread, with sliced red onion, pine nut hummus, and spinach. they were delicious!

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