hump day date

Ian and I usually go out on Wednesday nights (at least this quarter) because I’m off Thursday and Fridays so it’s my Friday night! This week we went to a local BYOB chinese/japanese place- cjchan. Ian grew up on the shore in New Jersey, so there were plenty of BYOB places. There aren’t many BYOB places around Dayton, OH, so when we found this place only minutes from Ian’s apartment, we fell in love. The sushi and main menu isn’t full of options for vegetarians, but the food is good and fairly cheap, and you don’t have to pay for overpriced drinks, so it works.

And I’m obsessed with their green salad. It’s nothing fancy, but I love the ginger dressing they use. YUM!

We also got two orders of avocado cucumber rolls. I looove to eat all the ginger. Is that weird?

And then I got general tsos tofu and Ian got general tsos chicken (he’s a copy cat).

It was good as usual, but my only complaint is the place smelled like tanning bed-gross. I didn’t know if it was the group of orange college girls at the table next to us (it’s a small place), or air being blown in from the tanning bed connected to the plaza (I’m guessing that was the culprit). Anyways, after a stella artois, I forgot about the smell : )

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