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purple magic

as Ian would say, nerd alert. I’ve already seen a lot of crazy things since I started working with adults in the inpatient/acute care setting this week. Sometimes I miss working with kids, but I like working with adults too. … Continue reading

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long distance relationship

What I will miss most about living in Cincinnati is the proximity to Whole Foods. It is so convenient to just go down the street when I want some delicious healthy food and I’m not in the mood to cook. … Continue reading

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wedding weekend

What a weekend! I’m exhausted, but I had so much fun seeing family who I haven’t seen in a year and celebrating at Kate and James’ wedding. First, the rehearsal dinner. It was at the museum of life and science … Continue reading

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Hangover Happy

I woke up this morning feeling the effects of last night’s Girls Night Out-too many margs! It was so much fun to see my girl friends from high school. I just love them! Then I went and chopped my hair … Continue reading

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In my mind, I’m goin’ to Carolina

Actually, not just in my mind. I’m going to North Carolina bright and early on Friday!!! I’m so excited. My cousin Kate is getting married to her fiancé (I love that word, Je parle francais? ) James. Kate graduated from UNC … Continue reading

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I woke up this morning planning to go on a run, but Olive had other ideas. I guess this is Olive’s way of saying no more 3 mile hikes?

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My berries!

I pretty much live out of my car. I’m always going back and forth between my house in Cincinnati, my parents’ house, and Ian’s apartment. When I came back over to Ian’s last night, it was rainy and I didn’t … Continue reading

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purple monster

I just lost my green monster virginity! Well kind of, it actually turned out to be a purple-ish monster. I didn’t have a blender on hand so I used my grandma’s duel speed (high and low!) old school food processor. … Continue reading

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top of the morning to you

            Olive and I slept in until 9:45!!!! My phone vibrated which scared Olive and woke us both up. We needed to wake up, but the sleep felt amazing! I obviously needed it. I just … Continue reading

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Tomorrow is my last day at children’s hospital. I’m kind of sad. I loved the kids, and the experience. But I guess now onto bigger and better things! I ran into Whole Foods today after work and got some bagels … Continue reading

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