I rocked my case study!! I am sooo happy and relieved it is over with. My professors said that I did an excellent job-they even used the word stellar : ). I am jubilant! Granted it was on a subject that I know the most about (aphasia), but I still rocked it, and I needed the confidence boost.

So now I can relax for a moment, and stop dreaming about roller blading to my case study.

today we had a pot luck at work and i went to my usual go-to app recipe. cucumber sandwiches!

  • vegetable cream cheese
  • cocktail rye bread
  • sliced cucumber
  • dill

I mean I don’t think there is an easier recipe than this-pretty self-explanatory. works well when you have to make it at 6 in the morning after a restless night’s sleep!

next week: praxis!

I’m so close to being a speech-language pathologist! eek. I can’t wait to see my olive sue tomorrow, I miss her.

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2 Responses to stellar

  1. Congrats!!! “Stellar” is definitely a good word to hear. 🙂

    Those sandwiches look so cute!

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