simple sunday

Dad got the liver! The surgery went well and he is doing great. They will probably move him out of ICU tomorrow- to the transplant floor. It’s crazy how fast everything happened. My mom and I spent all day at the hospital yesterday. He’s still on oxygen but he got off the vent Friday, the same day as surgery! He still hasn’t eaten, but he has been drinking some juice.

My brother went with my mom to the hospital today, since he hasn’t seem him yet since surgery. He had to work all weekend. And since only two people can visit at a time, and other extended family members are visiting today, I am home taking care of the animals. Olive

and Sophie 

are being very mean to fat cat (yes, that’s his name).

They like to corner him, and this morning I woke up to quite a ruckus. They had taken a chunk of hair out of poor fat cat’s fur. He is now hiding safely under my parents bed. He also has a newly discovered lump on his chest that my mom thinks is cancer. Hopefully she’s just jumping to conclusions. Poor cat.

So today I’m home animal sitting, and supposed to be studying for the Praxis….

but Olive has other plans.

So I guess I will just continue snacking.

TJ’s flourless bread, almond butter, sprinkled with raisins. Complementary dog hair on the side-gross I know.

P.S. I know all my pictures are different sizes, but I don’t feel like changing them-sorry.

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3 Responses to simple sunday

  1. Kara says:

    Are you studying for the Praxis I or II? I can give all my inside info on the Praxis II for English if that’s helpful at all 🙂

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