love was made to get us to stay in quite a closer region

…I wish my love(s) could stay around a little more.-JM

I haven’t seen Ian in a week, and I haven’t seen Olive in 5 days! (which really isn’t that long. I’ve gone months without seeing Ian, but this is the longest I’ve gone without seeing Olive! I know…I’m pathetic.) and I miss them both soooo much! Last night we had a little video session via ichat to hold me over.

Ha…not really sure why I have crazy eyes. Guess I was just so excited! Olive is hard to see in low-light, but she’s still cute, love her.

She gets a little confused when she hears my voice and goes to stand by the door-poor thing, but then she sees me on the screen. She must be thinking, “Mom, why are you in that box?” : )

and again-crazy eyes. Maybe it’s cause I was looking down?

During the videochat, my roommate walked in my room and said, “Oh, I thought you were talking to a child”, and I said “I am, she’s my furry child!”

Well, this will have to do until I see them next week! I can’t waitttttt. TGIF.

Praxis tomorrow!

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One Response to love was made to get us to stay in quite a closer region

  1. Awww!! I can’t imagine being away from Mark and Jack-dog for a long time. 😦 At least there’s video chat. 🙂 Ahhh…technology!

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