purple magic

as Ian would say, nerd alert.

I’ve already seen a lot of crazy things since I started working with adults in the inpatient/acute care setting this week. Sometimes I miss working with kids, but I like working with adults too.

I was doing oral motor exercises with a lady today, trying to strengthen the muscles in her mouth so she could chew and swallow more efficiently (she has left-sided weakness from a stroke), and she asked me very seriously, “Do you get paid for this”? I laughed and said actually no, I don’t get paid for this, I’m a grad student. I think she thought I was crazy, making her do seemingly weird exercises such as sticking her tongue out 10 times fast. Haha. To anyone else it sounds ridiculous I know! I promise we do other fun things besides oral motor exercises, they are not exactly my cup of tea.

I also had a man who kept trying to get me to eat his breakfast, when actually I wanted him to eat/drink his breakfast so I could make sure he was swallowing safely. Then he kept saying he was in a boat on the river, and we all lived in cabins along the river.

Another lady had some flowers on the table next to her. I told her they were pretty and she said, purple magic. None of the flowers were purple. I think she put a spell on me. Then she spewed green liquid all over herself.









I also accidentally walked into a room in the middle of a diaper change. 80-year-old diaper butts are not exactly what I want to see right before lunch.

But, the icing on the cake….I got to put on my first passy muir valve today!

I’m sure I will have lots of other fun stories to share as time goes on.

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One Response to purple magic

  1. My aunt/uncle/old roommate are all in the medical profession, and they always have the best stories to tell!! Good luck! haha

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