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coffee cubes

I haven’t been drinking much coffee lately because it makes me dizzy and light-headed. The only coffee-ish thing that sounds appetizing is a Starbuck’s frappucino, or homemade iced coffee. Ian makes his coffee REALLY strong (nasty), and since this past … Continue reading

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olive oil

Today has been quite the week already. I woke up Monday morning to thunderstorms, pouring rain, and this sweet face. So cute, but so dumb (read on) Olive has become increasingly poutier (it should be a word) when I have to … Continue reading

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I heard Jesus, he drank wine…

…I bet we’d get along just fine. Rainy Saturday here in Dayton. I woke up earlier than Olive this morning, I really am turning into a grandma. Took Olive for a little run/walk and then Ian and I went house … Continue reading

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queen of quinoa

try to say that 5 times fast. Quinoa, a “grain” high in protein, amino acids, antioxidants. I’ve eaten white quinoa before, but never cooked with it. I wanted to make a quinoa salad, and came across red quinoa at the store. … Continue reading

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krogering + kindle

I think I live in the Seattle of the midwest. It is ALWAYS raining. I’ve lived in Dayton, Athens, and Cincinnati Ohio and it’s overcast and rainy for the majority of the year wherever I am. At least it feels … Continue reading

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young at heart

This weekend was filled with family, friends, food, wine tasting, presents, and birthday cake! My family even sung happy birthday to me tonight at 7:17, the time I was born. I told my friend I was feeling old and she … Continue reading

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too old to be young and free, too young to be over the hill

My birthday is coming up this weekend (the big 2-4!) and I’m feeling really old. Where did my youth go?! I will be as old as Ian was when I met him, and he’s almost 30! : ). I’ve been … Continue reading

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the season for white

This weekend I hit up Trader Joe’s and bought a case of wine. 10% discount on cases. I bought six different kinds, 6 for me, and 6 for my mom. Even though the box says Charles Shaw, I did not … Continue reading

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case of the manboobs

this is how i felt today.                               no other words.

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taqueria mixtecha

The weather is getting warmer finally, spring is here! Friday, I was craving some skinny girl margaritas. And mexican, like always. I also wanted to go out for dinner since it was Friday, Friday, Friday, and I wanted to go … Continue reading

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