Green Acres

This weekend was AWESOME.

It started with finding out I passed the Praxis. I caved and paid $30 so I could find out early if I passed or not. I guess it was worth it?!

I had planned on staying in Friday night so I could just relax and hang with Olive and Ian since I hadn’t seen them all week, but then Ian and I decided to go out and celebrate!

I had a glass of wine (or two) at home, and then we decided to go to a local Japanese/Chinese restaurant. We started with sushi for an appetizer.

Then I ordered my usual general tsos tofu. It was delicious and filling, but the restaurant isn’t BYOB anymore :(. Actually, I think a table next to us brought their own beer because they were drinking yuengling and you can’t buy that in Dayton. But…the restaurant got a liquor license so I’m guessing they will be fading that out.

Next stop-Bunkers, a hometown bar in Vandalia. Some of my best friends were in town and we decided to meet up for some drinks and karaoke. I was a loser and did not partake in the karaoking. I haven’t done karaoke since high school prom, and I don’t think people ever want to hear me sing. I just watched my friends make fools of themselves singing “pretty fly for a white guy” and “baby got back” : ).

But the best part of all, my best friend AMY came in town for a surprise visit from Chicago! I hadn’t seen her since I went to visit her in October and I missed her tons!


Ian and I went apartment/house hunting! It was really exciting. We had an appointment to see an apartment in Troy. It was really nice on the inside, but it was kind of located in an awkward area. There are no good walking/running areas nearby, and I like to just be able to walk out the door for a walk/run, especially with Olive. It does have a 24 hour fitness area and a pool though. We will definitely keep it on our list, but are still going to look around.

After looking at apartments, Ian and I headed to Night Sky, a cool coffee house I used to always go to in high school. They have a pretty big menu-we had missed their brunch buffet, and both decided to get sandwiches. I got the veggie sub-mushrooms, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, black olives, zucchini, Swiss and American cheese, and creamy ranch.

Ian got the grilled chicken BLT.

He gave me his pickle.

The ceiling at Night Sky…

Hence the name.

After lunch we drove around and looked at a few other apartments, and then got lost.

We had our directions written on a plastic Mcdonald’s cup.

We ended up on some country roads, and Ian got the pleasure of hearing me sing “Greeeeeeen acres is the place to be, farm liiiiiiiiiivin’ is the life for me!” I guess Ian is the only one lucky enough to hear my singing voice.

We eventually made our way home. Ian worked on designing a house, and I finished reading my book and took a nap! The rest of the night we were lazy bums and decided to order a pizza and salad from Dewey’s.

Today’s weekend wasn’t the healthiest, a lot of eating out.


We had to run a lot of errands.

Ian was on the hunt for new running shoes, I had to buy some scrubs.

Then we went running along the river! We took Olive, hoping to get her to run a little bit. She has been so stubborn and won’t run AT ALL. I know she is still young and we don’t want to push her too far yet, but we wanted to try to get her running short distances. She surprised us with an easy 3 miles today!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! I’m not ready for it to end.

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One Response to Green Acres

  1. Kath (My Funny Little Life) says:

    I love little gorilla you drew on the plastic cup! 😀 And I can totally relate to what you said about wanting to live in a nice environment. These “little” things that accompany you every day are very important to get right. 🙂

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