chickpea kick

I love chickpeas. I’ve been eating them every day for lunch on my salad.

I also like them baked and crispy! I just toss them with some olive oil and spices (paprika, cumin, crushed red pepper, cayenne pepper). I like them spicy, but you can add or omit any spices!

I bake them for about 30 minutes at 400, and I usually broil them for a couple of minutes at the end to make them extra crispy.

When I first made these I accidentally ate the whole batch by myself, in one sitting. They filled me up and I wasn’t even hungry for dinner, but they were so good! They make a great snack too.

It is so nice out today, so I’m going to go out for a run. I wish I had my Olive here to go with me!

I just saw this on Ellen…

Dogs are so funny. Hope it’s warm where you are!

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6 Responses to chickpea kick

  1. Ooooh! I really want to make crispy chickpeas now! I’ve never tried them. And that photo is hilarious!

  2. badesjarlais says:

    I made crispy chickpeas once and I loved them too! I should make them again… I almost always have a can of chickpeas in my pantry!

    Second…that photo is priceless! Love it!

    How was your run?

  3. I’ve been on a chickpea kick as well!!! I cannot get my roasted ones to come out at the perfect texture though. I’m going to try cooking them at 400 for 30 min and see what happens! I like them spicy too, but I also tried them sweet. Just use olive oil, splenda, and cinnamon and voila!

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