krogering + kindle

I think I live in the Seattle of the midwest. It is ALWAYS raining. I’ve lived in Dayton, Athens, and Cincinnati Ohio and it’s overcast and rainy for the majority of the year wherever I am. At least it feels that way.

Anyways, I got sent home early from work today because the hospital is super slow. I decided to pick up some groceries on the way home. I haven’t been krogering in a while.

I’m pretty excited about my dark chocolate & blueberries bar.

And my spaghetti squash.

In other news…

Ian got me a Kindle for my birthday!

And I just published my blog on amazon. I think that qualifies me as the biggest tech nerd in all of the world. And I don’t really know what I’m doing nor did I set the cost.

Does anyone else have a kindle? I need help.

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4 Responses to krogering + kindle

  1. Oh I want a kindle! I think I’d read so much more. What a fun gift! What will you read first?

  2. hippierunner says:

    Write your name and info on/in your Kindle! I found one on the subway and I was not able to get it back to the owner as there was no info on/in it. I posted ads on Craiglist trying to return it with no luck (and oddly enough, the only thing in the case was a bus pass for a city on the other side of the country). So technically I have one…but I am terrible with tech gadgets! Sorry to be Debbie Downer; I’m sure you and your Kindle will have many happy times together!

    I love that you took a picture of your items on the conveyor belt. That is so clever as it is much easier than taking pictures of stuff after you get it home. 🙂

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