olive oil

Today has been quite the week already.

I woke up Monday morning to thunderstorms, pouring rain, and this sweet face.

So cute, but so dumb (read on)

Olive has become increasingly poutier (it should be a word) when I have to go back to Cincinnati on Monday mornings. I hate it, she just follows me around while I’m getting ready, staring at me with sad eyes.

I was also experiencing an Easter sugar hangover, so I really did not feel like driving 1+ hours back to Cincinnati. I loaded up my car for the week and got barely down the street when I knew something was wrong with my car. My steering wheel started to shake, my check oil light came on, and I turned around and went home. Oops. Somebody forgot to check the oil. I woke Ian up and he checked my oil and it was bone dry. Uh oh. And it was still pouring rain. It’s all taken care of now-and I was only about 10 minutes late to work. That was Monday.

Today is Tuesday.

I get a text from Ian at work.

Olive ATE her entire collar. This was all that was left. The clasp, and her “medals” as we call them. How does one eat the collar off their neck? I have no idea but I sureee hope she doesn’t need to have surgery for an obstruction. I’m really nervous because I know lots of dogs who have had to have surgery for eating strange things : /. My little furry child has pica.

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5 Responses to olive oil

  1. hippierunner says:

    Oh no! I hope Olive is okay!

  2. Kaylee says:

    omg olive… haha i hope she’s ok though 🙂

  3. jb says:

    i get that look from sam all the time. they should play together!

  4. What a pretty girl, I hope she doesn’t have any stomach troubles.

  5. OMG! How is that even possible?! Holy cow…is she alright?

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