coffee cubes

I haven’t been drinking much coffee lately because it makes me dizzy and light-headed. The only coffee-ish thing that sounds appetizing is a Starbuck’s frappucino, or homemade iced coffee.

Ian makes his coffee REALLY strong (nasty), and since this past weekend was warm, I put some of his coffee over ice (to dilute and make cold) with a little cream and voila! Iced coffee.

Then I came across coffee cubes!

I don’t know why I’ve never thought of this before, but I think it is ingenious. Pour leftover coffee into ice-cube trays? How easy is that? Coffee cubes+milk (or more coffee)+cream, sugar, cinnamon or whatever you like!

Yes please.

Especially since it’s just going to get warmer (hopefully), and I can NOT drink hot coffee in the summer, yuck.

Yeah, I’m pretty excited.

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6 Responses to coffee cubes

  1. hippierunner says:

    Coffee cubes sound awesome! I haven’t had coffee in forever but after using some for banana softserve the other day, I had some leftover and had it cold with vanilla almondmilk-yum!

  2. Ian says:

    My coffee is delicious, weakling.

  3. Perfect for the summer, thanks so much for sharing. You have a great site, I am now following =]

  4. Kelly says:

    What a great idea! I love this!! 🙂 Loving your blog and looking forward to future posts!

  5. Eftychia says:

    Interesting! I never thought of it…

  6. Good idea! I’m a year-round hot coffee drinker though. My office at work is always freezing and I even use a heater in the summer in there. P.S. Mark makes his coffee realllly strong too. Is it a dude thing? I’ve taken over the coffee making in our house. 🙂

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