Since we are moving up north this weekend, Ian and I are trying to hit up all of our favorite restaurants down here.

Christopher’s, a cozy vegetarian-friendly place with decent prices, is one of our favorites. I’m going to miss being close to it! Don’t let me fool you…I will only be 45 minutes away, and I’m farther than that now during the week when I’m in Cincinnati.


I got the vegetarian Cobb salad tonight with portobello and avocado. With a side of their amazing dill dressing. It was sooo good and filling! See for yourself. The avocado is hiding under the shrooms.


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4 Responses to Christopher’s

  1. hippierunner says:

    Love portobello! Aww I’m going to have to start doing that too. It’s kinda sad because I’ll moving 6 hours away and I know I’ll never be back here again. It’s weird to think about!

  2. czechvegan says:

    So pretty salad! And it looks huge! I have a thing for huge salads that seems to be too big to be eaten – I always end up eating every last bit:) It is a nice way how to say goodbye by visiting all your favourite places:)

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