hot lava

The weekend whooped me. I am still so tired! I may have fallen asleep during therapy today.

This week hasn’t been too exciting so far. Just been snacky and sleepy. And this weather doesn’t help…

This kind bar is so amazing. Sweet and gooey and chewy.

Crunchy apple chips.

Organic fruit roll-up. Yes, I’m still in grade school.

I posted a pic on Facebook that said “Olive loves her new home already”.

Well I spoke too soon.

She is terrified of the wood floors. She tip toes from the carpet in the living room to her bed, to our bed, to the back door to be let outside. Ian said she thinks the floor is hot lava.  He told me her teeth were chattering this morning because she was too scared to get out of bed! Poor girl. She’s a weenie. We are going to buy some rugs this weekend….

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3 Responses to hot lava

  1. Aw, she’ll get used to the floors! Koda has slammed into a wall or two when she runs on our wood floors and can’t get traction… is it bad that I laugh??

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  3. Diana Hayes says:

    Our dogs are afraid of slippery floors. We had a dog with only 3 good legs, and it was very slippery, we ended up buying a runner from Lowe’s that went the length of our hall.

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