porch, picnic, and plants

This weekend has been a great taste of spring. Lots of porch sitting–blogging from the porch is the best : ).

Of course with my shadow dog by my side, she follows me every where.

We’ve also done a lot of walking around town and checking out the pretty houses.

This weekend is the Strawberry Festival soccer tournament, and a bunch of young girls swarmed Olive and I sitting on a bench. It made me miss the days of weekend soccer tournaments, sweat, exhaustion, and trophies…because we were awesome : ).

We picked up lunch at Bakehouse Bread and  Cookie Co.

Strawberry donut sneak peek. Can’t wait for the Strawberry Festival in a couple of weekends!

Lunch was a veggie wrap for me! hummus, spinach, cheese, cucumber, carrot, tomato, sunflower seeds…I think that was it. It was huge, I had to save half for later.

Ian complains that I don’t post a lot of pictures of what he eats–that I’m a “veggie supremacist”. I just don’t think roast beef is appetizing. But yesterday he got an egg salad sandwich, I can handle that.

We ate our lunch on a swing overlooking the river.

I am in love with our new little town (even though our neighbors are a little crazy. Screen for the left side of the porch coming soon).

Last but not least….

Tomato, basil, and zucchini!

and aloe!

I’m forecasting this will come in handy for those summer sunburns.

See ya laterr…it’s almost Olive’s 1st birthday!!

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One Response to porch, picnic, and plants

  1. That lake/river picture might be the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen- GORGEOUS!!

    And your veggie wrap looks so good- veggies are prettier than roast beef any day 🙂

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