All these tornados have me on edge. I got caught in a big storm Monday. I was 30 minutes away from home on a run when the tornado siren went off and it was thundering and lightning like crazy. Tree branches falling off right in front of me. Instead of stopping in a church or something, my stupid self decided to sprint all the way home. I really thought I was going to die. Somehow I made it.

The next day at work, the outpatient part of the hospital didn’t have power so we had to cancel all of our outpatients.  Annnd tonight, a big storm hit home (Dayton) with some huge hail. Now our lights are flickering. Eek! I’m a weenie.

On the bright side, tonight my roomie and I had a yagoot date.

Strawberry and banana fro-yo with mango and strawberries for her.

Italian cocoa and chocolate with coconut and chocolate chips for me.


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One Response to yagoot

  1. hippierunner says:

    Natural disasters terrify me! I hope the worst of the storm has passed.

    All those chocolate cips look scrumptious!

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