stop this train

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday night, Ian and I went out with Matt and Stacy!

We got mexican and margs and then played Euchre and Kemps.

This mexican place is right by our house and it’s going to be the death of me. Every time I see it I can’t not stop for a margarita. Yeah, I know that’s a double negative.

We also worked on our house this weekend, and had to turn the AC on. Hello summer!

My favorite part of the house–the porch! We have lanterns and flowers : ). I just wish we could get rid of those ugly bushes.

We also got some outdoor lights!

My other favorite–the swing.

Wooo. Anyways.

Is this for real?! Do I really only have 3 more days of grad school? I never thought this time would come. Last week I was really depressed/stressed/scared for some reason. So many big changes. Graduating, moving to a new city, moving in with Ian, getting employed as a speech-language pathologist.

The past 2 years have definitely been the hardest years of my life. I moved from a small college town in the middle of nowhere to a big-ish city, I took some very difficult classes, had challenging clinical sites, my sweet grandmother passed away, and my dad got a liver transplant.

But not everything was scary and sad. I was also surprised with Olive, and I randomly started a blog!

Life can slow down now.

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