there is always room for wine

Good morning! Beautiful weather here!







It’s gonna be a hot one! Looks like it’s gonna be a pool day : )

Woke up early this morning to run, water the flowers/plants/grass, walk Olive, blog and run errands! I’m enjoying my break so far!

Made a little pit stop on the way home from Cincinnati last night to Trader Joes. Even though the car was jam-packed with clothes and furniture…in my mom’s words, “there is always room for wine”.

We picked up a case per usual. Gotta take advantage of the 10% off!

Some new wines, and some old wines:

Tres Pinos, a favorite.

Orvieto Classico-a newbie.

TJ’s Sauvignon Blanc, a classic.

Bistro Cab-new.

Bay Moon Sauvignon Blanc, new to me.

and of course, Santa Barbara Chenin Blanc. Last year’s summer favorite!

and Il Valore Sangiovese? My mom swears by it.

I’m stocked up for vaca!

Also grabbed a few other things. Garlic and herb pizza dough, tempeh (I wanna make TLT’s), Ian’s favorite double roasted salsa, island soyaki (for tofu marinade), hot and sweet mustard, and harvest grains (a blend of couscous, orzo, baby garbanzo beans, and red quinoa.

Gonna go soak up some sun!

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3 Responses to there is always room for wine

  1. Erin says:

    I look at your blog everyday, and realized ive never posted!!!! Shenin Blanc is my fav summer wine too, i think i put raspberries in it last year.. Yum 🙂 enjoy your break for the next month!!

  2. Katie says:

    I always just about die of happiness whenever I’m in Trader Joes. Their stuff is the BEST! And affordable, too!

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