Hope everyone had a great Monday! I actually did.

This weekend was FUN!

Friday after work I had a glass of wine and appetizer plate on the back porch with my mom.

Then I met up with my old roommate, dancing and drinks ensued.

Saturday morning recovery breakfast at Christopher’s, oh how I miss being so close to it!

veggie frittata

P.S. Did anyone see the US women’s world cup game yesterday?!?! It was probably the most exciting soccer game I’ve ever seen. I was watching with Olive and she must have thought I was nuts. I was screaming and jumping up and down and practically crying and then shrieking with joy! Scoring in the last seconds of over time?! I can’t get over Abby Wambach’s goal. Awesome awesome game. Playing with one less player for 45 minutes and we still pulled out a win! Yay. Here’s the whole re-cap. Seriously gives me the chills.

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2 Responses to fri-tah-tuh

  1. specialkphd says:

    what kind of wine was that? On friday, I had a meal of wine, cheese, mary gone crackers, balsamic cream, and spinach chicken with a SUPERB Wegeler white wine. SO AMAZING.

  2. Cait's Plate says:

    That breakfast looks amazing – and like the absolute perfect thing after a night of dancing and drinks 🙂

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