I have been super duperrrr busy!

Friday was Ian’s birthday. His last 20 something…eek.

I met him after work at a fancy beer bar for a couple of drinks.

Then we went to one of our favorite (not so local anymore) restaurants, Thai 9!

Cucumber avocado rolls to start!

Yum-o, and you better believe I ate all of the ginger. I am so weirdly obsessed.

Ian has decided to be a pescatarian, or “pesky” as I call him.

Biiiig sushi boat for the birthday boy!

I may have eaten his ginger too.

Red curry with tofu for moi.

Yesterday we went to IKEA and Jungle Jim’s, and I spent more $$$ on food than I did furniture. Surprising??………not really.

Will have a post about our fun food adventure soon!

The U.S Women’s team lost to penalty kicks today, but I am happy for Japan and it was an exciting, clean, fair game.

I am now looking into coaching young women’s soccer this fall!

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2 Responses to pesky

  1. specialkphd says:

    What’s Jungle Jim’s? The red curry and green curry mix from Trader JOes I completely miss. But I do have some coconut butter that I’ve been meaning to try out….now, where to find red curry paste in Germany?

  2. Mmmm…cucumber-avocado roll! My favorite! Looks like a great birthday dinner!

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