Jungle Jim’s

This past Saturday Ian and I made 2 big shopping trips….IKEA and Jungle Jim’s!

Of course I spent more money at Jungle Jim’s than IKEA. Jungle Jim’s is an international grocery store, “a foodie’s paradise”!

The market is so big, they have their own MAP!!!

that wasn’t even the whole map.

I was in heaven. We headed straight for the cheese and wine.

Ian was embarrassed because I was taking pictures.

The whole other side of this aisle was filled with cheese too, it was incredible.

We settle on a French cheese, Brezain.

Hallelujah wine!

wine barrels!

I really want a wine barrel table! but don’t want to spend a million dollars. Flea market?

How cool is the wine bottle on the right?!

Pickles!!! I’m so mad at myself for not getting one of these.

Some other fun finds

which I did not buy because it was $6 for a box of pasta? ouch.

I love Ezekiel products though, it was tempting!

tons and tons of Bob’s Red Mill products

International food galore

floating boat?

vegetarian jerky! eaten on the 40 minute ride home, what can I say?

We’ve been eating good this week.

Brezain and blue cheese walnut bread.

If I lived closer I would probably spend dangerous amounts of $$$ here. It is a little bit overwhelming, but I had a lot of fun and came home with some fun goodies.

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One Response to Jungle Jim’s

  1. Dad says:

    Lived right next door for two years, glad you found it now…. Love ,Dad

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