wine drinkers make grape lovers

Sunday Funday! I spent my day shopping with my mom for new house items, including a new wooden wine saying for the kitchen, a new comforter set, curtains, picture frames, and a pumpkin candle! Hurry up fall! But winter you can take your time.

Before shopping, we fueled up on a fresh salad with sunflower seeds, apple slices, goat cheese, and Brianna’s Blush wine vinaigrette. Yum!

Going to relax in my clean sheets and read a book before the work week starts.

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2 Responses to wine drinkers make grape lovers

  1. specialkphd says:

    I just got a recipe for grilled endive salad…you melt butter in the pan, then add halfed endives in with half an apple and a handful of big grapes and fresh rosemary….sautee on low until they carmelize and then garnish with olive oil. It is delicious salad for one…

    I love to drink my grapes

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