pre-fall festivities

My favorite season is fast approaching! I’m a little eager for it to be here.

Friday night, one of my best friends who now resides in Chicago came over for wine and apps!

apple smoked gruyere cheese

 mediterranean platter: black and green olives, gruyere and sharp cheddar, grapes, marinated artichokes, hummus, mascarpone chive dip, and baked pita chips sprinkled with evoo and italian seasonings

Amy also brought spinach dip and bean dip

 blurry, but good wine.

can’t wait to spend the next weekend in Chi with this girl!

olive was a party animal.


she crawled into bed at about 10:00.

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One Response to pre-fall festivities

  1. i literally gasped when i saw that delicious spread of food! looks so good! i’m like you; i can’t wait until fall is officially here! but considering it’s 65 degrees and misting in atlanta today, looks like it’s already here. 🙂

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