Quick and Easy Summer Pasta


As I was driving home from work yesterday, all I could think about was chewy, cheesy, carb loaded pasta. I needed it and I needed it now. (Don’t worry about the pasta I had for lunch, that caused me to break my fork in half and fling tomato sauce all over my new shirt and office. But thats another story entirely.) So I called my husband (!!) and asked him to boil some water (our stove takes an obnoxiously long time to heat up and every second counted at that point). If you don’t count the time it takes to boil water, this meal comes together in approximately 5 minutes. This isn’t really a recipe but sometimes I forget how easy it is to eat vegetarian so it’s more of an inspiration.

Easy Summer Pasta

-Cooked linguini, or any pasta you fancy really (amount depends on how hungry you are or if you want leftovers, I used about half a box)

-Olive oil

-Spinach (fresh or frozen–I sautéed 3/4 of a small bag of frozen spinach to thaw and cook off excess water)

-Artichokes, one can, chopped

-Kalamata olives to taste, chopped

-Cheeeeese, lots of it

– Fresh or dried herbs (basil, thyme, oregano)

Mix together vegetables and pasta with good olive oil, dried or fresh herbs, cheese (we used parmesan and goat cheese) and top with crushed red pepper. That’s it!

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